28 de July de 2022

Crimp Reviews

Crimping pliers or crimpers are a type of hand tool used for crimping non-insulated and insulated lugs, crimping end sleeves, and stripping cable insulation. They can be used both at home and by specialists.

When choosing a wire crimp, its main features are taken into account. The first one is assignment. Depending on this, there are specialized pliers and universal ones. Universal ones allow you to perform a wide range of different manipulations with cables, specialized ones are suitable only for a specific type of wire.

Another important parameter is the cross-section range, which determines the maximum and minimum cross-sections that crimping pliers can work with. For home use, a tool with a cross section of 0.5-6 mm2 is usually enough, while experts often use a crimp with a cross section of at least 10-25 mm2.

To ensure comfort in work, you should choose crimping pliers that are equipped with ergonomic plastic handles, they are comfortable in girth. If work is supposed to work under voltage, the crimp handles must have an insulating coating that protects against possible electric shock.

Until now, many people use both a wired telephone and a wired LAN connection. This crimper is intended for crimping twisted-pair and telephone cable connectors. It interested me primarily in the form factor, and it turned out to be quite good both in terms of convenience and in terms of crimping quality

WARNING! it seemed to some people that this crimper is a clone of the crimper for through connectors and should have a knife for cutting wires sticking out of the connector. I don’t understand why it seemed to you, but this crimper does not have this knife and is intended for completely ordinary connectors. And the feature would be the presence of such a knife, and not the absence of it in a completely ordinary crimper

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